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Bologna squad got 15 days of rest: break till 28th November.
While the Orsolini adventures with his ball continue like the Iliad till the last pass.. Ferguson remembers us Massimo Bonini..
Hello from Bologna, on 12th November 2022

Bologna won over Sassuolo 3 - 0. Thiago surprised all starting with Aebischer, Soriano, Dominguez, Ferguson and Medel all together. And those united to the presence of Lycogiannis made a great demo of the squad phisicality: welcome to the first goal of Aebischer, the usual rapacious "service" of Aranautovic and a pearl of Ferguson.
Hello from Bologna, on 9th November 2022

Inter vs Bologna finished 6-1. Thiago promoted Lycogiannis and Orsolini from the first minute. I personally think that at the end of the second half Bologna could still hope to remain in the game and shouldn't give it up. Posch failed almost everything in the defence phase: almost three Inter goals are from his position failure. And instead I feel the only good change from the banch was Moro (due to the Medel's nervous). You can't play against this Inter with a Sousa, this Posch and Scouthen. Indeed Ferguson, by the last good performance, left for Soriano entrance.. what instead a midfield made by Soriano and Ferguson phisicalities together? I also expected like all that Zirckzee entrance was to play side by side with Arnautovic, but probably with a different player actitude (although understandable).

[video censured]
Orsolini forever remains who must score almost two goals in half of game time!
Hello from Bologna, on 6th November 2022

Great team performance of Bologna that wins over Torino for 2-1. Thiago confirms the squad of Monza with the exception of the only Aranutovic. This latter with Dominguez pays some lower precision and energy than usual - indeed due to the good Torino defence too. And do not say that you already grasped.. I'm a fun Lycogiannis who - having defence order, cross and good feet - changed the game together with Vignato.
Hello from Bologna, on 31th October 2022

Bologna wins over Monza for 1-2, confirming the good moment of the team. Thiago proposed Soumarou and Lucumi in the center of the defence, Zirkzee on the forward side. Confirmations arrive soon for Ferguson and Dominguez performances. Unfortunately Zirkzee missed the goal only.
Waiting for Monza vs Bologna: out Arnautovic cause an intestinal virus.
Serie A Top Scorers

Arnautovic (Bologna)...7 goals
Immobile (Lazio).......6 goals
Vlahovic (Juventus)....6 goals
Lautaro (Inter)........6 goals
Dybala (Roma)..........5 goals

Data from Lega Serie A
Sincerelly sorry to not see again Moro and Lycogiannis after their technical skills on display against Cagliari.
Bonifazi will remain out 3 weeks.
Hello from Bologna, on 23th October 2022

Bologna wins over Lecce for 2-0. Thiago proposed Bonifazi and Lucumi in the center of the defence, Ferguson and Aebischer in front of Medel for the midfield. A good first time is enough to take the result to home. To underline: Ferguson at his first goal in Serie A while an unlucky Bonifazi enjures himself in his best moment with Bologna.
Hello from Bologna, on 20th October 2022

Bologna wins over Cagliari for 1-0 and moves to the next round in Italy Cup. Thiago proposed Soumaoro and Bonifazi in the center of the defence and Moro as playmaker. Moro and Lycogiannis did some great performances.
Waiting for Italy Cup, on Thursday and the surprises Thiago reserves to us.
Guessing all Naples is waiting for 2023 edition of the Ballon D'Or.
Hello from Bologna, on 16th October 2022

After a nice game Napoli vs Bologna finished 3-2. Thiago proposed a defence made of Posch, Bonifazi, Lucumi and Cambiaso with a renewd midfield. Out an enjured Arnautovic, inside Zirkzee who scored a nice goal. Appreciable behavior of the squad, good performance of Medel and Dominguez.
Just finished to watch to Barcelona vs Inter. It is frankly difficult to make any comparison but where are in the Bologna two enough great personalities, made of energy, instinct and precision like those ones of Bastoni and Barella (great players, not really so charismatic but great "workers" and let say it clearly: "italianissimi")? I personally feel that in the defence Lucumi and Posch have something to say.. But an open subject remains the midfield. Could a psychologist Thiago turn Medel for Bologna in anything important like Barella for Inter (age permitting)? Then, we are full of promising young midfilders but who really take in the game that phisicality, energy and precision yet? And so, is it Soriano a true lost cause or can we work on it?
Hello from Bologna, on 8th October 2022

Bologna FC and Sampdoria finished 1 - 1. The squad started with Soumaoro and Lucumi in the center of the defence, out Soriano in the midfield. Bologna keeps a good order for an half of time and leaves the rest of the game to the usual personal errors (Cambiasso, Schouten) and lack of concentration (Skorupski,etc).
Musa Barrow still out, he will not play Bologna vs Sampdoria.
Ilicic came back his home country Slovenia, signing with the NK Maribor.
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