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Hello from Bologna, on 20th May 2023

Bologna won over Cremonese 1-5. Thiago proposed the same squad of the last apperances, with Lucumi and Arnautovic from the first min. The result is clear. Promoted in full the forwarders, including Ferguson and Posch.. Medal goes to Orsolini's perfect first time and game but the red card.. Special words for two "second hand" players: Bonifazi did a superlative game while Sansone set his usual, flagship gollonzo. Modesty and emotions with a game dedicated to the fans.
Sassuolo vs Bologna finished 1-1. Here are the highlights:
Riccardo Orsolini best player of the month for Lega Serie A.
Empoli vs Bologna finished 3-1. Here are the highlights:
Hello from Bologna, on 30th April 2023

Bologna vs Juventus finished 1-1. Thiago proposed Dominguez and Ferguson together with Moro
and Schouten in the midfield and indeed Juventus show some problem there. Nice game to see. Dominguez
reoccuring with an hidden performance, Thiago player changes could be maybe better.
Hello from Bologna, on 23th April 2023

Verona vs Bologna finished 2-1 with Verdi celebrating both the goals.
Hello from Bologna, on 16th April 2023

Bologna - Milan finished 1-1. Difficult game against Milan. Good point and nice performances of Posch and Aebisher.

Hello from Bologna, on 8th April 2023

Bologna won over Atalanta for 0-2. Thiago confirms the squad of the last game with the insertion of Soriano in place of Aebischer. The match is nice from both the sides with Bologna registering more possession over Atalanta! Great performance of the usual Kyriakopoulos (both attacking and defending) but a perfect performance of Soumaraou.

Hello from Bologna, on 2nd April 2023

Bologna won over Udinese for 3-0. Thiago promoted Sansone as forwarder and Kyriakopoulos as left-back, Moro in front of Schouten in the midfield. Cinic the Bologna that used the first min opportunities to score the first tow goals and archive the match. Great performances of Kyriakopoulos, Posch, Aebisher, Barrow and Sansone, with Moro scoring its first goal of the season. Fears for the risky defence interventions of Lucumi and Schouten at the limit of the penalty.

Hello from Bologna, on 18th March 2023

Salernitana vs Bologna finished 2-2. Thiago confirmed most of the team seen in the last game, Soumauro and Lucumi in the middle of the difence, Schouten in midfield, Barrow as forwarder. Some players have a bright impact, expecially the greek ones, Kyriakopoulos and Lycogiannis, Barrow and Ferguson. Other players are not in great conditions like Posch, Moro, while Lucumi committed the usual mistakes. Looking the game is a pleasure although both the teams finalizes just the few occasions on both their own side. Evident the penality on Ferguson.

Hello from Bologna, on 11th March 2023

Bologna vs Lazio finished 0-0. Thiago reconns on the opportunity to set Soumarao and Lucumi in the middle of the difence and sets Schouten in midfield. It is a phisical battle as both the teams play well in defence and in midfield but miss the forwarder finalizing actions. However the game doesn't miss emotions. Confirming positivie performances for Schouten and Cambiaso, with Barrow doing its own.

Thiago best coach of the month for Lega Serie A.
Hello from Bologna, on 6th March 2023

Torino vs Bologna finished 1-0.
Hello from Bologna, on 26th February 2023

Bologna won over Inter for 1-0. Thiago was still in emergency in attack. However Orsolini and Barrow played enough well on the respective wing, with the former one scoring an other goal from his repertoir. Superlative performances of Ferguson and Soriano too with the latter zero giving to Dumfires. A negative game instad for Lucumi that anyway didn't impact on the final result.

Hello from Bologna, on 18th February 2023

Bologna won over Sampdoria for 1-2. Although without forwarders Bologna played enough well and in order mainly the first half. Finally Soriano is back at scoring and nice, very nice the goal of Orsolini. Honestly, I haven't seen the game to care about my daughter. Hopefully you can enjoy the highlights from Youtube.

Hello from Bologna, on 12th February 2023

Bologna vs Monza finished 0-1. While Tiago was in emergency in defence, with Lucumi and Saumarou out, Arnautovic was back starting from the bench. On the other hand Monza was an hostile team playing speedy and in order, mainly conterattacking. Indeed, Monza used one of the few true opportunities to score and they won.

Hello from Bologna, on 5th February 2023

Bologna won over Fiorentina for 1-2. Thiago proposed Schouten in the middle and Zirkzee as forwarder. Fiorentina vs Bologna immedialtely showes off itself like a much tactical and phisical game, not my favorite food. However Posch, Soriano and Ferguson over their average. Zirkzee gave to Orsolini the best ball of the game that the latter was not able to let us "appreciate".
Waiting for Fiorentina vs BFC. Out Adama Soumaoro, enjured.
BFC acquired the player Georgios Kyriakopoulos from Sassuolo, playing as left-back or left-forward, both roles.
Hello from Bologna, on 27th January 2023

Bologna wins over Spezia for 2-0. Thiago proposed Schouten and Moro in the middle, Thirkzee as forwarder. Bologna immedialtely showes off a better attitude and sprint than the past two games. While Orsolini confirms the good moment, Ferguson bright improvements and Thirkzee the best "pivot" conditions ever seen until today.
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