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Hello from Bologna, on 3rd Dicember 2023

Bologna vs Lecce finished 1 - 1. Thiago proposed Lucumi in place of Beukema and confirmed Aebisher, Fabian and Ferguson in middlefield; Van Hooijdonk as forwarder. The squad is mainteined live only by Calafiori, Aebisher and Ndoye in the first half. It is worst than the average of the last appearances: many errors and the mddlefield doesn't run the ball; ahead Van Hooijdonk and Saelemaekers are always passive, out the game. Second half Thiago changed squad and Bologna started to play: they verticalized with more easie and the results arrived, anything new? Ferguson confirm the negative moment. The game was not closed in time and lost by us. Worst and useless the final attack to referee and VAR indeed.
Hello from Bologna, on 27th November 2023

Bologna won over Torino for 2 - 0. Thiago proposed Aebisher, Fabian and Ferguson in the middlefield with the rest of the squad confirmed. Indeed I personally do not like to play against Torino because the game gets soon much physical, however it was nice: first half time seemed the remake of the last appearances with good defence, nice interceptions but very few ideas attacking. Second half Bologna started to verticalize with more easie and the results arrived. Happy for Aebisher, Fabian and Zirkzee performances. Ferguson less present than usual. Memeories from the last Uefa classification: respect from the referee is useful too and today it was.
I like the joy and generosity Alexis plays with, it is viral..
BFC will be back Mon 27th Nov.
Hello from Bologna, on 12th November 2023

Fiorentina vs Bologna finished 2-1. Thiago chose Kristiansen instead of Lykogiannis, the rest of the squad was confirmed. Bologna got Kristiansen and Saelemaekers wrong performances with few ideas at the time of attacking Fiorentina box. Game nervous but played correctly thanks also to the referee. One more Bonaventura and one procured penality made the difference here.
La solidarietà oltre il campo di gioco
Hello from Bologna, on 3rd November 2023

Bologna won over Lazio for 1 - 0. Thiago proposed Beukema and Lykogiannis back in the defence, rest of the squad got confirmed. First half correct and fun to see. Second half, the goal of Bologna pushed Lazio to do a ferocious game, phisical and nervous: substantially Bologna's merits overcome those of Lazio, a 'big one', and it won with full votes. Good performance of all but in special way the whole midfield, Aebischer and Ferguson made a great game but what nice duets between Freuler and Saelemaekers..
Hello from Bologna, on 29th October 2023

Sassuolo vs Bologna finished 0 - 0. Thiago has to leave out Beukema for a procured enjury just before the game, the rest of the squad got confirmed. Game immediately very difficult cause the great sandwitch effect done by Sassuolo between attack and midfield: substantially Sassuolo was able to deliver almost 7 players in front of our difence and play, at the perfect moment, leaving no space. Many errors but usual chapo for Zirkzee, Saelemaekers and Calafiori; Skorupski just fantastic with almost one save by open hand and an other one by foot.
Hello from Bologna, on 22th October 2023

Bologna won over Frosinone for 2-1. Thiago confirms the same squad with the insertion of Saelemaekers that surprises all but mainly Di Francesco. Let's say immediately that is very nice to have Saelemaekers playing "a la Messi" also in our Bologna, watching him playing all the field and both the phases in a nice way, with plenty of tricks, game vision, and shots including that one of the first goal. Thiago surprises are always very welcome, indeed. Nice also the performance of Freuler who with his usual contrasts but mainly his new attacking propellant put Frosinone at the angle. If needed usual confirmation for Calafiori. Surprises, tricks, confirmations, what we really miss then? It is really expected by the forwarders more precison on the last pass, "Baggio teaching".
BFC will be back Sunday 22th October.
Hello from Bologna, on 7th October 2023

Inter vs Bologna finished 0 - 0. Thiago confirms the defence and choose Aebischer with Freuler in the middle of the field. Game a little tachtical, nice the fist half with many occasions on both the sides; many errors with few shots the second time. Positive note: Ferguson is the everywhere player. Happy for it but we never suffered so much like for the Zirkzee goal.
Orsolini at his 50th goal with Bologna.
Today BFC celebrates its 114th birthday.
Hello from Bologna, on 2nd October 2023

Bologna won over Empoli for 3 - 0. Thiago confirmed Colafiori in the middle of the defence with Kristiansen on the left, Moro in the middle of the field. Let me say that Orsolini talking with Orsolini found its why in front of the opponents port scoring three nice goals. Confirmation for two youngsters like Calafiori and Azzouzi. And well, watching these players making our defence is a great show!
Hello from Bologna, on 28th September 2023

Monza vs Bologna finished 0 - 0. Thiago proped Calafiori to replace Lucumi and El Azzouzi in the middle. Want the referee, the approach to the game, the tactics, timetotime too phisicity the game was not fun. The only one note to underline was probably the good performance of Calafiori.
Lucumi and Posch out, enjured.
Hello from Bologna, on 24th September 2023

Bologna vs Napoli finshed 0 - 0. Thiago proped the same squad of Verona with the only exception of Posch and Freuler playing a little more high. The game is nice and the defence almost perfect against a Napoli that takes in most of the emotions. More problems arise soon when Lucumi and Posch must leave the field, with Calafiori placing two questionable entries. A red and blue triumph when Osimen exited the field without scoring. A good result against a top team.
Hello from Bologna, on 18th September 2023

Verona vs Bologna finished 0-0. Thiago proped De Silvestri on the right of the defence with Freuler, Ferguson and Aebischer making the middefield. A game that was immediately a lot tactical and with errors from one side to the other. Best game for Lucumi and usual jewels from Zirkzee, Karlsson and Ndoye. We saw the defence playing timetotime in three with the full backs much high. I could expect to see Freuler playing in a more advanced position. And hoping to see yes the jewels but less shots from 25-30 meters and more tricks. To underline that at that end of the regular time the game became more phisical and Fabbian became the prefered target of Verona players.
Thiago Motta awarded with Nereo Rocco prize.
National teams, break of Serie A until Verona-BFC of the 18th.

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