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Hello from Bologna, on 2nd September 2023

Bologna won over Cagliari for 2 - 1. Thiago proped Kristiansen and Karlsson from the first min. The first didn't miss to record a very nice game together with all the attack of Bologna. Note to Orsolini (for the next interview to himself): Orso fails 1 penalty for season, true.
Posch is the new captain of the squad.
Bologna FC bought the middlefielder Remo Freuler.
Bologna FC bought the left back Riccardo Calafiori.
Bologna FC bought the left back Victor Kristiansen.
Bologna FC bought the middlefielder Alexis Saelemaekers.
Hello from Bologna, on 27th August 2023

Bologna vs Juventus finished 3 - 0. The 1st goal was scored by Ferguson. The 2nd goal was scored by Bologna playing a fair soccer against a broken Juventus and Federation. And Bologna scored the 3rd goal against the human control failure over technology (see VAR technology, but not last).
Bologna FC bought the forward Jesper Karlsson.
I frankly don't understand the critics to Zirkzee and Posch that both played a nice game.
Hello from Bologna, on 21th August 2023

Bologna vs Milan finished 0-2. Thiago proped Beukema and Lucumi in the center of the defence, Lykogiannis left back and launched Ndoye on the left side of the attack. Good approach to the game of the squad but the game get immidiatly difficult due the quality of the Milan, the desire of its new ones to show off their tricks and few episodes. Great job on the left side with both Lykogiannis and Ndoye. Negative vote for Lucumi and Dominguez: Lucumi is affectionated to keep "its zone" but on the first goal is missing it and on the second he did't care about the target; I will be also explicit about Dominguez: nice to have short and easy pass but we usually expect tricks from a good player.
Bologna vs Milan, note about the squad chosen by Thiago: no one italian player.
The nineth season of president Saputo is kick starting. Gazzoni also "scored" nine seasons but no one other president did the same since 1982. --
Waiting for Bologna vs Milan, the first 23-24 Serie A game for the squad.
Cambiaso champion meaning Bologna = Motel ?
Bologna FC bought the middlefilder Giovanni Fabbian.
Thoughts about the players market: Bologna is monetizing over some players that yes got much space in the last Bologna squad, and so that they could be defined *important* and they incrised of value (market value), but who somehow performed *differently* from the general expetations. We are maybe still missing to play an ace but Sartori and Di Vaio's *detailed* job and view is definetly trustable. Surprised by the techical rejection of Barrow, by Thiago, but discordance between great technical values and performance continuity has always accompaigned the great trust paied to this player. Cudoz everyone.
Bologna FC bought the forward Dan Ndoye.
Hello from Bologna, on 11th August 2023

Bologna won over Cesena for 2 - 0. Thiago proped a squad with the young Corazza left-back and Moro and Aebisher as left and right winger, Arnautovic "as usual". Many cudoz to all the defence compartment expecially Beukema and Bonifazi; the first at his official appearance in red and blue and this is impressive; Bonifazi with a superlative game promptly defending but also in starting the action. Ferguson and Arnautovic a little "under the woods". Nice both the goals. The first just because done by Corazza at his first official appearance with main squad. And the second cause the fantastic trick of Zirkzee, to elude the defender and score.
All waiting for Bologna vs Cesana, the first official game of the season valid for the Tim Cup.

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